Compassion Consideration Consciousness 

Holistic Living Today welcomes you to this community. Let me help you to find out who you are and what your purpose in life is. Would you like to live with true meaning and purpose? Have you ever thought about what the purpose of your soul is? What you are here for?


Early on in my life I realised that I had
an affinity for helping people and I enjoyed it. I was the one that everyone
would come to with their problems. I would listen and help them to find a
solution. I found that they would feel better just by talking to me about their
problems. I could relate to them so well and I actually found myself
experiencing their emotions and feelings. I didn’t know then that it was
empathy and I was absorbing their pain and removing it.

I am a counsellor and life coach but I am
holistic in my approach. I believe that all is connected, the mind, body and
spirit. I have studied at the Holistic Healing College for a Diploma in
Spiritual Counselling. I have learnt many methods and therapies to help people
through their fears and issues. I also do Soul Plan Readings. I am also a Theta

I am also an assertiveness trainer and teach
meditation and relaxation and stress relieving techniques. I am also a teacher
and trainer of the 3Cs, Consciousness, Compassion and Consideration. These 3
words allow you to live a life of success and fulfilment whilst helping and not
harming others.

Well Being