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Theta Healing

Theta Healing is a healing technique that works at the energetic, atomic level of our existence; and has been described as the practical application of quantum mechanics.

When you learn Theta Healing, you discover how to use the Theta Brainwave to reach a level of consciousness that allows you to change your emotional, mental, spiritual or physical reality instantaneously.

Theta Healing is a simple, practical, straight-forward technique that is easily learned and refined through repeated use. The more you use it, the more you develop your conscious awareness of the day to day things around you, as well as your unconscious consciousness of the intangible world.

Who Can Learn ThetaHealingTM?

Theta Healing is incredibly simple and anyone can learn it – whether you are on your own path of personal development, a Practitioner in a related area or just plain curious!

Practitioners with backgrounds in Psychotherapy, Coaching, NLP, Reiki, Naturopathy and other coaching and alternative therapy related backgrounds have found Theta Healing to be a natural extension to the skills that they already have. They have easily incorporated the Theta Healing technique into their work with fantastic results.

In addition, Judges, Medical Doctors, people with corporate backgrounds, Students, Mums, Dads and many, many people from all walks of life have learned Theta Healing. They use it to improve their daily personal and work lives, and some have even gone on to become Theta Healing Practitioners and Theta Healing Trainers.

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How Can ThetaHealingTM Be Used?

The possibilities for using Theta Healing are truly infinite and are really only limited by your imagination and desire to “try it” in any given circumstance!

For instance, it has been used in such diverse areas as healing rifts in relationships, gaining confidence for public speaking, helping secure new jobs, manifesting the ideal home and partner, and improving sales performance and business relationships at work.

You can use Theta Healing on yourself, your friends and family and even your animals.

So How Does It Work?

When you use Theta Healing, you connect to Universal Consciousness, the Energy of All That Is, using the Theta Brainwave. This is the energy from which all things are created. It is here that the work of instantaneous change / healing is performed.

The Theta Healing Practitioner will help you identify unconscious beliefs that are holding you back, or that can lead to physical unease in your body. Many people may be aware of conscious “limiting” beliefs, fears or doubts that prevent them from achieving what they desire. However over the years, we have discovered that there is often an UNCONSCIOUS belief or program that is at the root of the problem.

Once the Theta Healing Practitioner has helped you identify the root belief, they will then use the Theta Brainwave to go the Energy of All That Is, and command and witness an instant change to that belief. The act of Witnessing – i.e. the observation that this belief has been changed, is the key to the success of ThetaHealing. Once the witnessing is complete, the root belief and all beliefs that have arisen from it, are changed instantly. The effect can be felt immediately, and the client’s relief is fast and permanent.

Many people do not yet realise that their emotions and beliefs have a direct impact on the physical state of their body. It is not just what we eat and drink or the environment around us that affects our physical well-being, but also what we think and say to ourselves and others on a daily basis. Theta Healing can help you address the emotional and psychological stresses and negative beliefs and programs that may be impacting your physical wellbeing.

How Was ThetaHealingTM Developed?

Theta Healing was developed over a 10-year period by Vianna Stibal – a Naturopath, Massage Therapist and Intuitive Reader from the mid 1980’s to mid 1990’s. Over the years Vianna has refined her knowledge and practice, and now trains people from all over the world to teach the Theta Healing principles; so that this knowledge can be shared and used by all.

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The Scientific Evidence

Curious to know why her technique was working, Vianna enlisted the help of a physicist who hooked an Electrocephalograph up to Theta Healing Practitioners and their clients. They found that the Theta Healing Practitioners were tapping into Theta brainwaves. In addition, when the Theta Healing Practitioner began working on their client, the client also went into Theta. Vianna now believes that the Practitioner uses both a Theta and Gamma waves, and that the Client goes into Theta during the “healing”. This is believed to be the major reason that Theta healings can happen instantaneously.

In addition, more and more books are now being published that confirm and validate that the Theta brainwave gives us access to both our subconscious mind AND allows us to tap into this level this higher level of consciousness.

So What Next?

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