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Holistic Living Today welcomes you to this community. Let me help you to find out who you are and what your purpose in life is. Would you like to live with true meaning and purpose? Have you ever thought about what the purpose of your soul is? What you are here for?

Holistic Counselling

Holistic counselling is a very special experience; you feel that you are working on together with your therapist. The therapist will listen to you and help you develop a wider understanding of your whole persona. An important part of holistic counselling is for you to identify all of the parts that make up the whole person that you are (sub-personalities).
Holistic Counselling can help and promote change on a personal, professional and spiritual level depending on what you discover about yourself during the process.

What to expect from a session with me?

What is Holistic Counselling? To me this means that I take into consideration the whole person; physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. A difficulty, very often, manifests on several planes before manifesting on the physical plane. For example, a physical symptom may be alerting us of unsolved problems on other levels, such as our mental attitudes, or our unexpressed emotions etc. Holistic counselling considers the source of the discomfort and address the whole person, not just the symptoms.

Through our sessions and my caring support (with no agenda towards you), I will help you to discover or re-discover important aspects of your personality that may have been dormant. I will offer you a safe and peaceful environment that allows you to bring upon surface emotions that may be hidden in the deep of your unconscious. Because there is someone supporting you, it can become possible and easier for you to let out feelings that you may have been bottling up, or not even have known were there. And I may also help you making connections between things that you might not have seen were connected before.

Holistic counselling is a journey of self-discovery, and this can be very exciting. It can also be challenging when discovering aspects of you that you were not aware of. Therefore, for me, is important that you feel able to choose what you want to bring up in our sessions, and that we proceed at your own pace.

I believe that physical therapies have an amazing balancing effect on the body and mind and greatly enhance the releasing and healing processes. I providee ways to my clients to become more aware of their own body, using it as an inner guide. When appropriate I combine complementary therapy with holistic counselling session. I refer clients to experts in other modalities when I feel that the client will benefit from it.

If you decide to contact me we will have a first holistic consultation (1.5h) in which you will be able to let me know why you are getting in touch with me and what is that you are hoping to receive from the sessions. If it is your wish to proceed, then I will set up a weekly or be-weekly session for you. The in-person sessions are one hour long and are usually held at “The Neal’s Yard Remedies Therapy Centre”, in Covent Garden, Central London. It is possible to choose another location if preferred, please consult the area services for more information.

I also offer Video Sessions via Skype, via Smart Phone apps, and email support; but I ask to make an effort for the first appointment to be in-person. Please click here for pricing and making a booking online or contact me.

Disclaimer: My counselling and complementary therapies sessions are in no way intended as a diagnosis, cure, healing or treatment in the medical sense of these terms. All clients are encouraged to seek competent medical help when those services are deemed necessary. The client accepts total responsibility for his/her own health care and maintenance. The information is offered with the understanding that there is no medical or psychological service involved in any form. No part of my work is ever intended as a substitute for professional medical treatment or advice. If you feel that you need psycological support or you feel suicidal please consult your GP.

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