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Name Optimisation

Many people currently use a name that is different from their original birthname. For example many of us were given a middle name at birth that we generally don’t use on a day to day basis. Some people were simply unhappy about their given name and have changed it for this reason. Others will not use their original name for (unconscious) fear of claiming their full power and potential.

Through the development of spiritual intelligence and increased awareness of synchronicity many people are intuitively aware that there is a significance to our name and how we use it. The vibration and intention behind a name has an impact in our lives.

Name Optimisation is the practise of honing the vibration of the name we use. The purpose is to create the optimum benefit for your aspirations, relationships, work, health and spiritual connection.

Your birthname signifies your initial and dominant vibration. However the name you use will impact (overlay) on this and ideally should highlight the optimum directions.

So a Name Optimisation session involves looking at your original birthname and then considering what name and which spelling will best serve you.

A similar process can be used for looking at:

Baby Names


Business Names

House Names

Name Optimisation is a very important consideration for those getting married and planning to change to their partners surname. In such cases we highly recommend a name optimisation session.

With an individual reading and name optimisation we can look at up to 7 possibilities and decide which works best.

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